The Farmers

Summer Lovin’ 

Rose and Gavin met in 2011 when Gavin showed-up at her farm one day asking for work. Rose needed the help and the rest is history! We didn’t want that summer to end, but when it did, we knew we wanted to be more than farming partners.

Farming brought us together, but our shared work-ethic and enthusiasm for efficiency has kept us growing over the years.

One day we hope that we can both be full-time farmers. For now though, we both keep off-farm jobs and keep working hard for each other and our long term goals.


16463263_10100881055614354_7339736075949182048_oRose Madden

Rose began farming full-time in 2009 and never looked back. She loves being outside all day, with her hands in the dirt and sun on her back. She has farmed in a public role all of her career, most recently for Stanford University. However, she mostly loves the quiet solice of farming. Rose is the head farmer, and does most of the farming; tractor work, propagation, planting, day-to-day tasks and long-term planning. She also runs the business, connects with customers, maintains the books, marketing, and back office.



Gavin Powell

Gavin caught the farming bug during a summer farm internship. He also landed his future wife!

Now he provides lots of moral support, helps deliver compost to the fields, traps gophers, and keeps the family steady during lean times. He works full-time in the big city and is essentially a home contractor on the weekends. Gavin is hard working and handy, and loves to get to know people. He can’t wait to meet you!


Our pets have jobs too. They support the operations, keep the rodents in check, and provide constant companionship.