The Farmers

Our Story  

Gavin and I met (and fell in love) while working together on an organic farm in Santa Clara County. Our shared passion for excellence, growing food, and hard work has guided us on this journey.

In 2017 we purchased land and moved north to Sebastopol, CA. The farm has a large pink barn located in the middle of property. Subsequently, the Pink Barn has become the hub of our farming operation.

Every year we continue to expand our acreage, products, and services. We are honored and grateful to serve our community as organic farmers.


Rose Madden

Rose is the head farmer. She does the majority of the farm work, including harvest, tractor work, propagation, planting, day-to-day tasks, and crop planning. She also runs the business, connects with customers, and maintains the books.

Rose was born in Vermont and grew-up on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. Her rural upbringing, surrounded by nature, had a profound impact on her growing-up. Rose began farming full-time in 2009 and never looked back. She loves being outside all day, with her hands in the dirt and sun on her back. She farmed in an educational role early in her career, most recently for Santa Clara University and Stanford University. However, she mostly loves the solitude of farming and being in tune with nature’s rhythm.


Gavin Powell

Gavin is the on-farm business consultant, electrician, plumber, machinist, delivery driver, farm hand….etc. The list goes on! Gavin also works full-time in San Francisco at a business consulting firm. Project management, strategic planning, and “seeing the big picture” are his biggest assets to our growing farm operation.

Gavin hails from Boise, ID, where he was an outdoor enthusiast growing-up. He caught the farming bug during a summer farm internship in college. He also landed his future wife! His diversity of skill sets and eye for efficiency keeps him moving from one project to the next around the farm. But if you catch him at the right moment he loves to get to know our customers and learn more about you!