The Farm

We are a small produce farm in Sonoma County

Our farm is located in Sebastopol, CA. We cultivate five acres with a focus on warm season storage crops, fresh greens, herbs, and over-wintered crops. Our operation is spread-out across three unique field locations with a broad range of microclimates and soil types.

We grow over 40 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Our locations and soil types allows us to grow throughout the entire year. We are planting and harvesting something new almost every week!

Our farm system thrives on rich compost, gentle tillage, ample wildlife habitats, and lots of manual labor. We follow strict organic growing practices and value the health of the land above all else.

In 2020, we are launched our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  The four-season CSA runs year-round, with weekly pick-up on the farm. Visit our CSA page to learn more and sign-up!

Our produce can also be found on the menu at many local restaurants, including Ramen Gaijin and Spinster Sisters. In addition, we wholesale many speciality crops through FEED Sonoma.

Farming Methods

Our farming methods are rooted in deep organic practices. We’re constantly evolving our systems to align with mother nature in everything we do. The cornerstone of our operation is building a rich and active soil and surrounding ecosystem.

We practice agro-ecology, which combines the science of agriculture with the wisdom of mother nature. We’ve studied, visited, and learned from many other farmers over the years, and our practices reflect this broad range of experience.

We seek to increase the health and viability of our soils and farm ecosystem through cover cropping, compost, minimal tillage, intentional farm design, pollinator hedgerows and more. Our goal is to create a farm that lives and breathes from soil to the trees; to more than just sustain, to farm in a way that grows and creates new life.

We practice 100% organic farming methods.